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1.FC Koln Steps Up It’s Kit Game!



Perhaps inspired by (jealous of) the German clubs that have produced Oktoberfest-themed kits over the past few years (put “Oktoberfest” in the search box if you want a look at them), Bundesliga side 1.FC Köln have unveiled their third Karneval-themed kit in the last three years (how did I miss the first two!?) ahead of the festival’s beginning on November 11.  Cologne (Köln) is one of the centers of the “Rheinisher” version of the festival which celebrates the “fifth season” with parades and costume balls.  The kit is meant to mimic the traditional garb/uniform worn during the aforementioned parades.  They did a pretty good job with it- take a look!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.12.34 PM

And here’s the full kit…

Yes, that's faux braiding and tassels on the shirt.

Yes, that’s faux braiding and tassels on the shirt.

Just like the Oktoberfest kits that 1860 Munich and Bayern Munich have sported in recent years, I love everything about this.

It’ll never happen- because MLS is a close second to the NFL as the “No Fun League” when it comes to uniforms- but can you imagine if the league and kit-provider (Adidas) shackles were taken off of MLS clubs?  Here are just a few ideas that come to mind:

  • New England and Philadelphia: kits based on Revolutionary War era uniforms.
  • Sporting FC: Tin Man or Scarecrow kits.
  • Chicago Fire:  Turnout/bunker gear inspired kits.
  • Orlando City:  Did somebody say “Disney?”
  • Dallas and Houston:  Cowboy kits.
  • Portland:  Lumberjack kits!  Checked shirts with faux suspenders, logger boot socks!
  • RSL:  Magic underwear kits.  😉

These things should happen if only to prove that we can be more whimsical than the Germans, people, the Germans have a better sense of humor than we do!!


2 comments on “1.FC Koln Steps Up It’s Kit Game!

  1. Sculptor?!?
    October 31, 2015


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