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Well, THAT ended poorly.



It’s going to take me a few days to get my head around the 2015 New England Revolution season, but here are a few things to tide you over until then…

First, Juan Agudelo’s overhead kick last night might be the best goal I’ve ever seen a Revolution player score.

Wow.  The most impressive thing to me was that everything from Alston’s cross to the Agudelo’s contact with the ball was flawless.  No shuffling of his fee to set up his position, not beating the goalie because the ball came off his foot at an unexpected angle.  Just perfection.  The only thing I’ve seen close to it was Pelé’s highly choreographed kick in Victory.

Second, Jermaine Jones- the club captain- embarrassed himself and his club last night and I’m not sure I can forgive him for that.  Yes, he was absolutely right about there being a handball in the D.C. penalty area which should have resulted in a penalty kick and could have sent the match to extra time, but you just can’t behave like that.  Ever.  Physical contact with an official is inexcusable at any time, for any reason.  Jones likely be suspended for the opening matches of 2016- assuming he’s still in MLS and still a Revolution player at that point.  I have to say, after last night, I’m kind of ambivalent about whether the club should resign him.

Third, as much as the signing of Jones may have signaled a change in the “business model” in New England, the club’s failure to bolster the squad with new signings (or at least any that were “significant”) suggests that in many ways it was “business as usual” in Foxboro in 2015.  While other clubs were adding depth- if not stars- the Revolution did nothing.  Jay Heaps said all of the right things- and I commend him for that- and I still think this was the most talented Revolution side in the club’s history, but it wasn’t a deep enough club- clearly.  The club needs to improve on the backline immediately.  Andrew Farrell and Chris Tierney aren’t going anywhere, but Jose Goncalves seems to want out, and after that it gets a bit dicey to say the least.  Jeremy Hall and London Woodberry each had their moments, but they are clearly “depth” players and not starters.

Finally, remember all of that soccer-specific stadium talk from a few months back?  What happened to that?  It faded away just like it does every season.  “We’re working on it- we swear!!” say the club, but here we are, 20 seasons deep and still making the trek to the home of the Patriots to see the Revolution play and we still haven’t won MLS Cup.

Ah well, at least County are holding up their end!!


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