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WeeFuse’s Virtual Turntable: WeeFuse Sets The Mood



Who among us has not said or done something musically regrettable, possibly unforgivable, in pursuit of companionship, be it temporary or long term?  Here are a few examples that may make you cringe- especially if you are “of a certain age’:

“Ohhhh…I LOVE 10,000 Maniacs!”

“Wow, Suzanne Vega is sooo deep…”

“THIS is my favorite Cure song!”

There were others that were probably worse, I was a bit of a scoundrel in my younger days.

Thankfully, my horizons have expanded since then and I now present to you, with minimal commentary, some better choices than, well, lying.

Sade: Prett much, well, anything.

Normally I’d recommend taking the “greatest hits” approach here, but they’re all sort of oddly sequenced for our purposes here.  Instead, buy “Love Deluxe,” “Diamond Life,” “Stronger Than Pride,” “Promise,” and hit the shuffle button.  You’re welcome.

Al Green:  Greatest Hits

Honestly, would you really want to be with anyone who doesn’t like Al Green?

Marvin Gaye:  Let’s Get It On

I mean, really.  C’mon.

Frank Sinatra:  In The Wee Small Hours

If you are of a certain age Sinatra might be little more than a Joe Piscopo/Phil Hartman impersonation to you.  But he wasn’t always a tottering old man with a bad rug, he was sophisticated, baby.

Morphine:  The Night

Tread carefully.  Dangerous stuff.




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