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My Humblest Apologies…

WeeFuse on the job.

WeeFuse on the job.

…my intent today was, upon my return from work, to share my thoughts on Scotland failing to qualify for yet another major tournament.  Instead, I was two hours late leaving work, I’m exhausted, and it’s just not going to happen.

If there is a silver lining here- beyond the fact that I can further delay dealing with my feelings about Scotland’s failure- it is that, finally, there appears to be a ray of hope appearing in the world of my work.

This week my idiot boss finally succeeded in getting fired after seven months of trying (I’m assuming that’s what he had been doing all along- nothing else really makes any sense), a “hole” in my team left by a long-term colleague going back to school is going to be filled on Monday (though with a noob, not a veteran…), it appears that my new bosses will be two people for whom I have great respect, and tomorrow I have been summoned by the “boss of bosses” to explain how to fix the catastrophe in which I have been toiling lo these many months.*  I’m not sure she’s ready for the amount of “truth” I will unleash, but if that’s the case, she shouldn’t have requested a meeting with me!


I’m going to watch the Bruins lose again (Oh look!  They gave up a goal with 90 seconds of the opening whistle!  Great.) and then try and stay up late enough to see the USMNT lose to Mexico.  Little of this, little of that.

I’ll do my best to get this “ship” off the rocks at some point next week.  Until then I thank you for understanding.

*Had this meeting happened, oh, I don’t know, seven months ago, said catastrophe might never have happened.  But hey, I’m just a worker bee, what would I know about anything after a mere decade of perfecting my craft?


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