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I came across this picture of singer-activist Billy Bragg today and liked the fact that not only is there a framed West Ham United F.C. top (2005-2007, home) in the background, but that the jacket of his new book, “A Lover Sings,” has also been produced in club colors!

Truthfully, none of this should come as a surprise.  In his now 35 year career football has been one of the main themes in his work, whether he was writing about players like former Wolves player Peter Knowles (in God’s Footballer), using it as a metaphor (The Boy Done Good), explaining things in “football terms” (“I never made the first team, I just made the first team laugh” from The Saturday Boy), or simply name dropping different clubs in his lyrics (Red Star Belgrade in Sexuality).

Here are a few others football-related gems you might check out if you want to loiter on YouTube for a while this morning

  • Upfield
  • Greeting to the New Brunette
  • The Goalhanger
  • The Few
  • Northern Industrial Town
  • A Lover Sings
  • Never Buy The Sun
  • Moving the Goalposts

That was all, really, just liked the picture and some of the details in it.  Here’s one of my favorites, the aforementioned Boy Done Good.  Enjoy.


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