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Who needs Robert Lewandowski when you have Liam Boyce?!



There’s only one…

I leave you to make your own “Men v. Bairns” jokes and simply say that this was the score line in tonight’s Scottish League Cup third round match between Ross County F.C. and Falkirk F.C.:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 5.43.14 PM

So let’s see, that’ Boyce with a hat trick, Franks with a goal and 2 assists, De Vita and Graham with a goal and an assist each, and Murdoch with two assists.  Also nice to Holden get off the mark after spending most of the first few months of the season with the reserve side.  Jim McIntyre seems to be getting just about everything right when it comes to competition for places and squad depth- hats off to him.

In case you think this was a miss-match from the off, keep in mind that Falkirk currently sit second in the Championship behind Rangers (more on them in a minute) and that they should have been expected to put up some sort of a fight against County tonight.  In the end, however, they did not.  The match was over by then end of Boyce’s ten minute trifecta and the match was a laughter within a little more than ten minutes after the break.

Best news of the night?  Michael Gardyne- still recovering from a bug and probably a bit run down besides never had to leave the bench and Craig Curran- still recovering from that nasty head knock- is one match closer to returning to the squad.  Can you even imagine his work-rate joining back up with the best form we’ve seen from Liam Boyce!?

Worst news of the night?  Performances like this from Boyce (he has 9 goals in his last 7 competitive matches) are probably going to mean that the Northern Irishman is going to be sold off at some point this season.  I hope it’s not until the very end of the season, but whenever it is he should bring a pretty penny and as sad as it will be to see him go, the financial return will keep County forward momentum in Scottish football chugging right along.

Oh, right, I promised you more about Rangers.

They lost.



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