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Milwaukee: Day Four

Grohmann Museum Milwaukee school of Engeneering

This is our fourth and final day in America’s Dairyland and as such our itinerary is quite limited.  In fact, it has only one thing on it:  The Grohmann Museum of Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (above). Why, you might ask, are we going here?

Well, the smart-ass answer (and I like those!) is that when your on vacation with your best friend and your best friend is an engineer, things like this are going to happen.  No doubt there will be times when Dan is excitedly explaining- and in great, technical detail- how cool an exhibit is and I will be rolling my eyes.  There will also be times when I am excitedly explaining, in great historical detail, how cool an exhibit is because the Grohmann is as much a museum of engineering as it is a museum of work.  Having spent much of my academic career (both as a student and as a teacher) immersing myself in the Industrial Revolution, this aspect of the museum will be right in my wheelhouse (see what I did there?).

After we’re done at the Grohmann we’ll find somewhere to have lunch and then, sadly, go our separate ways for the year.  Dan flies out in the early afternoon and I fly out in the early evening, so I’ll have about four hours on my own- hopefully there’s a movie theater close to the airport!

Can’t wait for next year!


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