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Milwaukee: Day Three


Today is going to be an…interesting day.

It will begin at the Cafe Benelux and Market where we will, like civilized people do on a Sunday morning, have brunch.  The menu looks good, the theme (old-timey European cycling) looks cool, and they sell some decent swag in addition to the food and drink.  And who knows, if I’m lucky, on the way out I’ll be able to knock over a rack of fixed-gears and laugh all the way to…

This picture suggest both interesting AND creepy.

This picture suggest both interesting AND creepy.

…the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear!  Dan and I are both very intrigued by this place, partly because we can’t tell if it’s going to be really neat or…super creepy!  They are also holding a yard/garage sale while we are there so who knows what we might walk away with!?  Depending how long we spend here and how ambitious we are feeling after our whirlwind weekend we might also go here on Sunday afternoon…


…to see the Brewers and the Reds play a little day baseball.  Neither Dan nor I have any connection to the Reds or Brewers (I’m still not sure why they are a National League team now?  Will Gorman Thomas be playing?), but as we found in Cleveland, a ballpark can be a very nice atmosphere to catch up with each other when you aren’t particularly interested in the game.  Plus, in Cleveland it was Dollar Hot Dog night so maybe we’ll luck into something similar in Milwaukee!  Whatever the case, the day is going to end well because it is going to end with BBQ!

We’re going to the much-lauded Smoke Shack (above) for dinner.  Dan’s probably going to start talking about getting one of the 2 to 4 meat sample platters and that’s when I’ll chime in and say, “You know, for just a few dollars more apiece we can get the  Smoke Shack Sampler and split the cost- it has SIX kinds of meat…”  I don’t know if I’ll be successful in persuading him, but I’m sure going to try.  Either way, we don’t have anything scheduled for the evening because there’s a pretty good chance we’ll walk out of Smoke Shack, lay down on the sidewalk, and go to sleep.


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