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WeeFuse Is Bored.


Here’s what I should be doing:  A) writing about the Revolution – Toronto F.C. match yesterday in which, Toronto paid well, but, being Toronto, made several dumb mistakes and the Revolution capitalized on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.   So the Revs won 3-1 and I am delighted about that.  Not enough to make much of an effort, but delighted just the same.  Or, B) Ross County F.C. have a Dutch striker named Alex Schalk on trial this week.  He seems decent, has played for the Netherlands U21 side as recently as 2013, etc..  He’d just be for squad depth- Craig Curran took a head knock recently and I think that woke a few people up as far as making sure there was a capable back up for him, and maybe Schalk is that person.  Or maybe not.


All I really care about is flying to Milwaukee this weekend to meet up with my friend Dan, eat some good food, watch vintage auto/motorcycle racing, etc..  So, yeah.  Here’s some music to listen to in the meantime.

Side note:  Would the back-up singer in the red PONY shirt please contact me at

So, she kills a R.L. Burnside song, I rush out and buy her album…it’s terrible.  The album is the most mundane, mid-of-the-road “bluesy” garbage you can imagine.  Somebody at her record company should be fired, because based on this “blues” performance, it’s not her fault.

Every day of my life would be better if this song was playing on a loop in my head.

I straight-up love this song, no irony, nothing.  LOVE IT.

Finally, here is Bob Mould’s guitar to melt your face off.


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