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It’s Oktoberfest Again At TSV 1860 Munchen!


You may remember that last year 2. Bundesliga club TSV München 1860 was among several German clubs that released special Oktoberfest kits, and it was stattlich to say the least!  Take a look:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.26.31 AM


Here is this year’s version-


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 9.14.50 AM

Why do I like this one so much less?  At first I was going to blame it on the kitmaker- Macron- but frankly they’re really not a downgrade from last years kitmaker, Uhlsport, so it’s not that.  It’s not the socks, they are more or less interchangeable.  It’s not the shorts, the detailing is a little more bold, but frankly still pretty subdued by lederhosen standards.  So it has to be the shirt right?  Richte!

It’s not that this year’s is bad, per se.  It’s more that it’s obviously an attempt to recreate a traditional piece of Bavarian costume as a football top whereas last year’s shirt requires a second look before you realize that it is not a football top.  Last year’s top looks like a traditional shirt that had the badge and wording put onto it.  This year’s looks like a football top that was “retro-fitted” by printing a design on it.  It’s kind of like the difference between a piece of furniture that has been “distressed” and the patina you see on a piece of furniture that is actually old and naturally worn.  The former isn’t necessarily bad, but it doesn’t look like the real thing either.

I think what I’m saying is two-fold.  First, last year’s kit, A+.  This year’s kit, B.  Second, TSV should keep doing this- I’d especially like to see a kit that incorporates the leather suspenders sometimes used to hold up the lederhosen!


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