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Jim McIntyre: Wheeler Dealer!!


Just when you thought the transfer window was going to close with a whimper instead of a bang…BANG!!

Errr...not so fast...

Errr…not so fast…

There is late-breaking news on the Ross County transfer front and it is mostly good.  On-loan goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann has returned to Stoke City F.C. after the Potters and Ross County agreed to terminate his loan deal “by mutual consent.”  This one is easy enough to figure out.  Bachmann was sent to County to gain experience, but due to the stellar play of first choice keeper Scott Fox that wasn’t going to happen.  While it was nice for County to have a solid second choice keeper, from Stoke’s perspective there’s no point in having Bachmann at County if the only minutes he is going to get are if Fox is injured or in the cup/reserve team side and that’s the way things seemed to be going.  So, too bad it didn’t work out, but it’s nobody’s fault and I’m sure everyone wishes Bachmann the best in his career going forward.  One hopes, however, that County has had their eye on somebody else who can come into the squad quickly and assume the back-up role at least until the winter transfer window opens?  What’s Les Fridge up to these days?  Tony Bullock?

And then there’s this…

Martin Woods passing through security at Inverness Airport.

Martin Woods passing through security at Inverness Airport.

As quickly as he was gone, Martin Woods is back at Victoria Park on a two year deal with an option of a third.  Woods was Jim McIntyre’s first signing when he took over the club and was absolutely instrumental in keeping County in the Premiership.  Woods decided, however, to return to England at the end of last season where he had played his entire career (despite being from Airdrie) and join League One side Shrewsbury Town F.C..

It’s not quite clear what happened at New Meadow- Woods started four league matches and a cup match to open the season- but whatever it was the player and the club decided (“by mutual consent” of course!) to part ways.  McIntyre pounced, found that Woods was open to returning to Dingwall, and here we are.  County are now a better, deeper side in terms of midfielders and that can only be a good thing.

The best thing about this apart from what Woods will bring to the team as a player is what it says about Ross County as a club.  Whether it’s the better wages (relatively speaking!) that County has begun to pay, the longer contracts they have begun to offer, the more…ah…”welcoming” atmosphere that has been fostered since the departure of the Adamses, or the fact that with their good start to the season County seem to be growing into their potential as a solid Premiership side, players seem to want to come north now.  Certainly Woods must have had other offers down South, but he chose a return to Dingwall.

I like that.


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