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WeeFuse Calls a T.O. … BABY!!*


Hi Folks,

It was fully my intention to have a Ross County v. Hamilton re-cap up today complete with highlights, analysis (such as I’m able to provide…), and other Dingwall-related news (like the fact that Andre Hainault is currently without a club…), but here’s what happened:

I got home from work today (I work most weekends and on Sundays I work early- really early) and sat down to just what I intended and, well, the SPFL has not yet put up the Staggies-Accies highlight package and that broke me.  That might seem like a small thing to have such a large impact, but…

…while I try to keep things “light” here on the site and I try to avoid mentioning real life, work for me has been miserable over the past few months (and it’s probably not going to get any better soon- yay!) and I am exhausted in whatever way you care to describe it- physically, mentally, emotionally, existentially, etc..

So, I’m taking a “mental health day.”

I’ll be back around this time tomorrow with just what I described above- hopefully including those pesky match highlights!- and we can all get on with our lives as normal.  Until then I’m going to be watching the Tigers-Red Sox game with my eyes closed.



*Yes, that was a Dick Vitale shout out.  I told you, I’m a broken man.


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