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WeeFuse’s Big Day Out!


Today I am off to Boston to see…


Pedro Martinez’s number retired by the Boston Red Sox (and to see the Red Sox – White Sox game after the ceremony) and…


to go here!  What, that doesn’t look appealing?  This is unassuming storefront may look like your neighborhood convenience store, but it is actually the false front of “Bodega Boston,” probably the best sneaker store north of New York City.  Let us hope that I emerge from it with a bag in hand!

Before I hit the road, however, there is a MAJOR item of footballing note coming out of Dingwall today.  Jackson Irvine, who was among the MVP candidates for Ross County Ross County last season, has left Celtic to make a PERMANENT move north.  That’s right, it’s not a loan this time!  Irvine, and Australian international, has signed a two year deal with the club.  This is just my opinion, but I think having Irvine back- be it in the center of the midfield or the back line- is the difference between County finishing in the top or bottom half of the Scottish Premiership this season.  And if they finish in the top half, well, they won’t win the league, but Europe won’t be that far out of reach!

Alright, I’m off!!


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