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Odds & Ends: They’re Number One! Edition



A family work “vacation” has kept me away from the site for a few days so I’ll do my best to catch up.

  • Well, what can you really say about the USWNT victory that their play didn’t say?  This match was over in the first fifteen minutes and that was that.  For me this win said more about the team than previous World Cup wins for the simple fact that in the last 20+ years the playing field of women’s soccer has evened out greatly.  In the end it seems that the players on this team just decided that they wanted to win it more than their opponents did and they went out and did it.  I was a little worried about all of their big talk going into and during the tournament, but as the saying goes, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.”  Also, Tony DiCicco can stop second-guessing Jill Ellis now.
  • Last night the USMNT kicked off the CONCACAF Gold Cup in typical USMNT fashion- they looked great at times, and at others (the entire last half hour?) it was “panic stations.”  I know Honduras are a scrappy bunch that always play well against the United States, but if the U.S. wants to win this tournament they’re going to need to do a lot better than they did last night.  It’s too bad the U.S. can’t get players like Andy Najar…
  • The New England Revolution go thumped by F.C. Dallas on Saturday and I can only hope that the result served as a wake-up call for Jay Heaps, and more to the point, those above him in the Revolution administration.  The defensive situation has been the week point since the beginning of the season and when starters lose a match or two to suspension or injury the situation becomes critical.  It’s time to stop trying to add players to an already crowded midfield and address the situation on the backline.
  • I welcome Andrea Pirlo to MLS.  He may be a century old, but he’s still got a lot to show us as a player and I’m glad it’s going to be in MLS.
  • I am ambivalent about new Los Angeles Galaxy signee Steven Gerrard.  I neither love nor hate him, I’ve just always felt like he was overrated as a player.  He was very good, but there were those in England that seemed determined that he be mentioned in that elite class of players that were around during the height of his career and I just couldn’t see it.
  • Frank Lampard has also joined the New York City F.C..  This will be a great signing until club officials have to start combing area White Castles in order to find him and get him to the training ground.  Also, I don’t like him.
  • Here is a picture (bottom of page) of the full County strips (home, away, goalkeeper).  I stand by my opinion that the away kit (white) is fantastic and that the home kit should have had plain white shorts.  I add to that opinion that I like the goalkeeper kit and that new signing and team captain Andrew Davies needs to stop pulling his socks up over his knees.

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