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Love the full away kit, but the blue shorts are ALL wrong with the home kit.  Imagine it with "plain" white shorts...MUCH better.

Love the full away kit, but the blue shorts are ALL wrong with the home kit. Imagine it with “plain” white shorts…MUCH better.

  • That’s right folks, Ross County F.C. begin their 2015-2016 preseason today and that means that this week will be full- I hope!- of signings, fixture announcements, and who knows what else!?  I can say with certainty that the only other time I have been this excited for the beginning of a season is before County’s first Premiership campaign a few years ago- ‘mon the Staggies!!
  • Speaking of Staggies, it was confirmed this week that Scott Boyd will be given a testimonial to celebrate a decade at Victoria Park.
  • One final Ross County note:  The club is holding the line on regular admission ticket prices at Victoria Park and is reducing prices for senior citizens and children.
  • In other news, a last minute illness delayed Saturday’s trip to see the Revolution-Whitecaps match- at least for my friends, I still went!  Too bad poor officiating sucked the life out of the match for both sides and had the Revs down a man for most of the match.  Not to worry, though, we’re going to go see the Revs taken on New York City F.C. next month!  That means I get to scream obscenities at Frank Lampard in person rather than through my television.
  • One highlight from Saturday night’s match (did I mentioned it rained the whole time?) were the national anthems- Brian Landry of Ipswich, MA was amazing.  Landry was one of many local singers who competed for the honor (four were chosen) earlier this year and he absolutely nailed both anthems.
  • Finally, Aberdeen F.C. released their 2015-2016 away kit a few days ago and it is a peach!  Maybe it could have used a little more white on the shorts and socks, but that is truly nit-picking.  Were I not a County supporter and had some disposable income, I’d be making a purchase.  Classy.

One comment on “It’s…PRESEASON!!

  1. Francis
    June 30, 2015

    The blue shorts and socks save the home kit. It would look terrible with white shorts, or any other colour.
    The away kit is one of the best RCFC kits I’ve seen.

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