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A Step In The Rights Direction


I had big plans for what I was going to write about when I got home from work today.  In light of this morning’s Supreme Court decision those things seem pretty trivial and can wait until tomorrow.

I very rarely mix my football and my politics (in the broadest possible sense) on this site- unless I see ANY opportunity to bag on the Old Firm clubs- even though I believe in the “real” world they are, and always have been, intertwined.  You really can’t discuss the founding of the game and its growth (at least in the British Isles) without delving into class politics, economics, social organization, colonization, etc., but here on the Tanner Ba’ I try to keep my historical training and inclinations from being the dominant lens through which I share my thoughts about this game that I love.  I treat this site, whether anyone bothers to visit it or not, as my refuge from the world.  Today feels different, however.  It is, frankly, a day that I never thought I would live to see.  I hoped I would, but…

Today’s Supreme Court decision materially touched people with whom I have worked for almost a decade and whom I consider friends in addition to being colleagues, and touched them very deeply.  There were tears of joy and relief in my workplace today from some very proud and strong people.  One these co-workers is a woman, a veteran, who was kicked out of the Air Force (after being demoted from her position as an Arabic translator to that of a tow-truck driver during the Iraq/Afghanistan War- let that roll around in the logical part of your brain for a minute) after she was outed as a lesbian.  She is one of the most articulate and intelligent people I have ever known and when I asked her what she thought about this morning’s decision she smiled, but the words just wouldn’t come out.

My friends- your friends- are no longer ignored by the law or a victims of it, they are protected by it- like every American should be.  As was the case with women’s suffrage and civil rights for people of all races in the United States, it took too damn long for this to happen and there was too much needless suffering along the way.  Everything isn’t going to be “fine” overnight- as America’s continuing struggle with race relations shows us every day- but everything will, eventually, be fine.  I’ve learned, as both a student and a teacher of history that you have to take the long view where important issues are concerned.  Problems of race may still bedevil us and acceptance of marriage equality may never be total, but when was the last time you heard anyone debating whether women should have the vote or not?

Finally, allow me to suggest something to you.  “#LoveWins” is meaningless if those of us who believe in marriage equality use today’s rulings as some sort of cudgel with which to “beat” those who have opposed marriage equality, whatever their reasons.  Love only “wins” if we continue to show it to everybody, and that, after all, was the point of all of this, wasn’t it?


One comment on “A Step In The Rights Direction

  1. Sculptor?!?
    June 26, 2015

    I’ll take “Things I never thought I’d live to see but I’m damned glad I have” for a kabillion, Alex.

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