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Odds & Ends: Bye Bye Sevco Edition

Umm...not so much.

Umm…not so much.

  • Well, well, well…  Or should I say, “MotherWELL,””MotherWELL,” “MotherWELL?”  This weekend Motherwell F.C. and Rangers F.C. faced off in the second leg of their promotion/relegation tie and the Steelmen followed up their 3-1 thrashing of Rangers at Ibrox with a 3-0 home win to take the playoff series 6-1 on aggregate.  Yes, there were some “afters” after the final whistle that cast both sides in a poor light, but let us not forget the important fact here:  Rangers will spend at least one more year in the Championship, a Championship they spent £34m to get out of in 2014-2015 only to be spanked over two legs by the second-worst club in the Premiership.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer club…  Also, ‘mon the Well!
  • Following the match, and in reference to the meleé which followed the match Rangers released two statements, both of which were tone deaf even by their standards. The first saying that they would take the strongest possible steps to discipline Bilel Mohsni- who punched and kicked Motherwell’s Lee Erwin- but he’s out of contract now, so, um, never mind.  The second saying that they would assist police in investigating the actions of Motherwell supporters and thanking their own supporters for showing such “restraint.”  I can only hope that no Rangers supporters’ halos were damaged in the affray.
  • Oh, and one more thing.  Rangers- and former Motherwell manager- said that he could not comment on Mohsni’s actions because he was already in the tunnel heading towards the dressing room.  You know what’s funny though?  This little machine that was invented in the 1820s…called the camera.  So let’s take a brief pause an play a game called, “Where’s Stuart?”  Here’s a picture of Stuart McCall- taken on the day of the match- for reference purposes.


Now, here’s a picture of Motherwell’s Fraser Kerr stepping in to defend teammate Lee Erwin immediately after Bilel Mohsni punched him, can you find Stuart McCall in this picture?


What?!  I didn’t say it was a hard game!  Seriously, Stuart, I kind of thought you were a class act up until this past weekend.  Once a ‘ger always a ‘get, I guess.

  • In other Scottish football news, Falkirk F.C. put up a valiant effort despite being 11 men down in the Scottish Cup Final, losing to Inverness Thistle F.C. and Caledonian F.C..  If you don’t get that joke I really can’t help you.  Move along…
  • Midfielder Martin Woods has left Ross County F.C. for newly-promoted Shrewsbury Town F.C. in England’s League One after one year at Victoria Park.
  • Defender Paul Quinn is unlikely to return to Victoria Park, where he also spent one season, as he appears to be finalizing details to join Aberdeen F.C..
  • Closer to home, New England Revolution and USMNT midfielder/defender Jermaine Jones appears to have damaged his groin (ouch!) while playing against the Galaxy this weekend.  In his own words, it is “bad.”  Sounds like he’s going to be sidelined for a matter of weeks…at least.
  • Unfortunately, that was not the worst news out of Gillette Stadium this week.  Argentine club C.A. Belgian have released on loan “striker” and former Designated Player Jerry Bengston a month early.  That means for at least the next month- his contract expires on the 30th- the Revs have to find something for him to do.  I suggest putting him in the “Slyde” mascot costume.  He may bulge the old onion bag when he plays for Honduras, but he has 4 goals in 36 matches for the Revolution and had 1 in 9 matches for Belgrano.  Also, the Revs already have Charlie Davies, Juan Agudelo, and Teal Bunbury filling up the net on a regular basis.
  • Finally…  Suck it, FIFA.

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