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Sometimes I think one of the most important parts of running this website is the opportunities it provides for me to be of “public good.”  By virtue of my position here I have a slightly larger internet footprint than most and as such, I can do my part to “spread the word” on occasion.  Usually that’s an enjoyable task.  Today it is a grim one.

There is honestly nothing I can say about this infographic created by the Washington Post that will add anything to your experiencing of it as an intelligent and compassionate human being.  I could throw around a lot of descriptive words or phrases, but at the end of the day it either troubles you in the pit of your soul, or it doesn’t.

All I ask is that maybe you think more about it.  Maybe consider that FIFA’s greatest crime isn’t the corruption itself, but the suffering it can cause.  Two jowly, already rich, old men exchanging a suitcase of cash in a hotel room may be the least unsavory thing in this whole scandal.

Maybe share this with your circle of football friends.  Maybe talk about it with them.



2 comments on “Sometimes A Picture…

  1. Sculptor?!?
    May 28, 2015

    What. the. actual. fuck. O.o

  2. Martinovich
    May 28, 2015

    I read that Nepal has 400,000 workers in Qatar right now. After the earthquakes the government of Nepal requested that Qatar allow it’s citizens to come home for fuerals and to help their families through the crisis. Most Qatar companies did, except any that had anything to do with World Cup construction. If I was Nepal, I’d open an embassy, and just start printing passports for my citizens to go home on as fast as I could make them. The place is an abomination and I can only wish that UEFA (Lord, UEFA is the stand up organization in world football….surreal) and other countries with similar views boycott that tournament completely.

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