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Midge And The Ginger Pele Are Staying!!

Photo Credit: @RCFCStaggies

I hope somebody is paying Gardyne to wear that shirt.

UPDATE:  Martin Woods has signed with Shrewsbury Town- thanks to @vonnie306 and let the Spinal Tap jokes begin!

Since 4:45am this morning- it’s 6:45am now- my helpful cat Tam has been making sure that I didn’t sleep for more than 15 consecutive minutes.  Needless to say when I finally gave up and got out of bed I was in a horrible mood.  Thankfully that mood only lasted as long as it took to refresh Twitter when I opened up my laptop!  If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, here’s why I’m suddenly, giddily, happy!

Ross County Football Club announced today that defender Scott Boyd and midfielder Michael Gardyne (look again at the title of the post and you won’t have any trouble figuring out who is who in the picture) have signed two year deals with the club.  These signings are significant for two reasons, the most immediate of which is that the 2015-2016 roster is going to be strong, very strong.  Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.53.54 AM

The 14 senior players above are either signed to new contracts, have received an offer from the club, or have an “unknown” status at this point.  Nine of them were regular starters during the second half of the season when County piled up an amazing 32 points.  Of the other four, McShane and Graham are new signings and Ross and Dingwall are young players working their way into the senior set-up.  Should the club be able to get all 14 signed up, retain Jackson Irvine (and less so Filip Kiss- in my opinion) for another season (or more) and sign a pair of goalkeepers who are upgrades on Brown and Reguero, well, we might just have something here.  And by that I mean a top six team, and if you’re in the top six, why not give a European place a go!?  Okay, I need to settle down…

The added significance of these signings is that, barring injuries, over the next two years Gardyne and Boyd will find themselves atop the all-time County records in several categories.  Boyd, who will have played for the club for 10 seasons (testimonial anyone?) when his new contract expires, will pass Mark McCulloch for the most appearances for the club- Boyd currently has 285 to McCulloch’s 287.  Next year will also see Boyd break through the 300 match mark and the following season could see him at or approaching 350 appearance for County.  These are impressive numbers under any circumstances, but particularly at a small club that has played in three different divisions during his tenure and seen so much squad turnover since reaching the top flight.

Not to be outdone, Michael Gardyne will likely finish is new contract second only to Boyd in appearances for the club and if County can make a few decent cup runs, he also has a shot at breaking the 300 appearance mark.  More importantly, Gardyne is all-but-certain to become the club’s all-time scoring leader in the first half of next season.  Midge is currently on 53 goals with the current top mark being Sean Higgins’ 58.  Gardyne’s current contract will also see him through his ninth year at Victoria Park, at which point he’ll still be only 31, so a testimonial may be in his future as well!

Finally, as if there needs to be any more good news, Ian McShane made it official today- he’s on board for the next three seasons!


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