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2015-2016 Dundee United F.C. Home Kit

Perhaps not the best picture of the kit, but how could I not use it?

Perhaps not the best picture of the kit, but how could I not use it?

Much like the Everton kit shown here yesterday, next year’s Dundee United kits are a pretty standard offering from a club that tends not to stray too far from the same look it has worn since the late 1960s.  With the exception of the 2013-2014 “fade to black” kit, Dundee United has generally gone with orange tangerine tops (with varying amounts of black trim), black shorts, and orange socks (black socks was one of the problems with the 2013-2014 kits).  Occasionally, if they’re feeling really wild, they’ll throw in some white trim as well!

As kits go, I like it just fine.  It’s not a postage stamp screamer from 25 yards out- more of a tap-in off a rebound- but that’s okay.  When you’re working with orange tangerine and black you have to keep things a little restrained or you can end up having a kit that looks closer to a Halloween costume than anything else.  With the exception of the sublimated checkerboard pattern on the shirt (tough to see in this picture, I know) this one is simple, straight forward, and I can’t find anything wrong with it…oh, wait, there is actually one thing wrong with it.

And by “one thing,” I mean FOUR things.  Once again, United have shown that if somebody wants to buy space on one of their kits, by golly, they’ll sell it.  This home kit has no less than four distinct sponsors on it- front of the shirt, back of the shirt, shorts, and even socks.  The puzzling thing is that with three more kit sponsors than any other Premiership club I’m aware of, the Arabs are still selling every player they can and choosing not to resign players they can’t sell.  So, where’s all of that dosh going?

Here’s a video if you’d like to see a little more…

Based on the title of this video I can only assume that the name of every player is “GA Engineering.”


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