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Premiership Safety: ACHIEVED!!



A full match report is going to have to wait until Monday (it’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow and I’ll be on the road all day), but I do have a minute now to say a few things about today’s events.

First off, here are the important facts:

Ross County F.C. 2 – 1 Hamilton Academical F.C.

St. Mirren F.C. 2 – 1 Motherwell F.C.

These results increased County’s lead over Motherwell to six points, and, well, there’s only one match left.


It’s also worth noting that in both cases the winning club gave up the first goal and that in both cases the winning goal- LIAM BOYCE!!- was scored in the last five minutes of the match- or later! ¬†Super-Spoilers St. Mirren gave up a PK in the 75 minute and then scored in the 84 and 97th(!) minute to doom Motherwell to the relegation playoffs- somebody by Naismith and Mallan a pint!

So, job done. ¬†Ross County will now spend their fourth consecutive season in the Scottish top flight and I, for one, have never been more optimistic about the club’s prospects for a coming season. ¬†No doubt that there will be plenty of new faces in 2015-2016, but the core appears to be returning (or is still under contract), signs are good for a permanent deal for Michael Gardyne, and there is a group of younger players who appear to have great days ahead of them. ¬†Perhaps most importantly, however, the bottle County have shown since the January transfer window has been the best possible advertisement for why a player would want to sign on- this club can play the game and they can do it under pressure. ¬†They have a manager who knows his tactics and how to motivate his players, a chairman who now knows that opening his purse just a little wider for a little longer makes a MASSIVE difference, a proper stadium, and the best supporters you could hope for.

Who wouldn’t want to sign for County?!

Finally, I have to admit that I’m incredibly jealous of the County supporters who will be traveling down to Rugby Park¬†next weekend for “Killie Away, Hawaiian Day. ¬†Both clubs have secured safety and will be playing for 9th place so the match should be a cracker and it goes without saying that the whimsical spirit of the County supporters will be on full display!

Oh, and if Rangers could lose in the playoffs that would be great as well.

Now to continually refresh YouTube until the match highlights show up!



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