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Odds & Ends: Down To The Wire Edition

Dude seems pretty stoked.

Dude seems pretty stoked.

  • Due to my almost month long absence I have no idea what’s going on in MLS so far this season- and I’m fine with that.  The Revs are doing okay even with Jermaine Jones just getting back into action and that’s all that really matters.  Also, what’s going on with Ross County and avoiding relegation is much more interesting anyway!  Speaking of which…
  • After a HUGE kerfuffle- the ruling bodies in Scotland can’t get out of their own way, ever- we now know what Ross County’s final five matches will be this season:  Patrick Thistle (H), Motherwell (A), St. Mirren (H), Hamilton Academical (H), and Kilmarnock (A).  All of these are winnable matches, but it would be REALLY nice if County could do the business in the first three and not go into the last (and hardest) two needing points to ensure survival.  That said, I think a win over Motherwell and the 40 points it will allow County to achieve might be enough.
  • I may be a crusty old so-and-so, but I couldn’t be happier for USMNT forward Jordan Morris.  First match for the national team, the winning goal, and doing it against Mexico.  Something tells me he’ll be playing in Europe before he ever becomes a senior at Stamford or plays in MLS!
  • So, how long before Real Madrid and/or Barcelona offer Spurs all of the money for Harry Kane?  I’m guessing he’s gone by the January transfer next year.  Oh and Harry should hire a public relations specialist, and that specialist should advise Harry never to speak in public- yikes!
  • I realize both the U.S. and Mexico were fielding their “C+” sides, but when the two countries meet it’s always worth watching, isn’t it?  Terrible field, numerous players earning their first caps, etc., and it didn’t really matter.  Morris scored, Agudelo (Go Revs!) scored, and Mexico didn’t.  Hmm…two U.S. goals, no Mexican goals, sounds kind of familiar…
  • Back to MLS…  I know the league is trying to expand it’s television “footprint,” but seriously, there are some nights/afternoons when I feel like they are making up channels and I have to spend fifteen minutes trying to figure out if I get the channel and where it is on the “dial.”  I’m still mastering BeInSport (or however they write it).

3 comments on “Odds & Ends: Down To The Wire Edition

  1. Martinovich
    April 17, 2015

    It sounds like “Sad Trombone!”

  2. Sculptor?!?
    April 17, 2015

    Honestly, MLS is hell-bent on making viewing difficult. And I’m a damned lazy broad when it comes to watching the telly…if I can’t find it within a two-minute search, I give up. If you WANTED me to watch it, you’d make it accessible, not turn it into some damned Easter Egg hunt. Harrumph.

    • weefuse
      April 17, 2015

      Apparently there’s a match on right now…what-evs.

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