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There’s Only One Liam Boyce! There’s Only One Liam Boyce!

Tell us how many goals you scored today, Liam?

Tell us how many goals you scored today, Liam?

I’m on the road at the moment so this post is late and is going to be short.  Fear not, however, it will contain all of the information you need!

Ross County traveled south to Paisley today for their last pre-split fixture of the 2014-2015 season.  When all was said and done County ran away 3-0 victors (it could have been 5-0!) over the bottom side in the Premiership.  County can no longer finish last and are, in fact, only a single point behind 8th place Patrick Thistle.  Undefeated in their last nine matches with only a single draw to blemish their record.

Today’s victory was brought to us by “that man again,” Liam Boyce.  Ever since he was signed there has been the lingering question as to whether he could be as prolific scorer in the Premiership as he was while playing part-time football in Ireland.  Well, take a look and decide for yourselves:

That second goal had a bit of class, didn’t it?

That’s it until the post-split fixtures are announced…


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