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WeeFuse’s Virtual Turntable: Old School Edition


With Ross County’s “weekend” match not taking place until tomorrow and nothing worth writing about in the cringe-inducing 0-0 draw between the Revolution and Columbus (never go to see soccer at Gillette Stadium if there are moderate to high winds in the forecast) I’m going to talk music today.  Here’s what I’m more or less obsessed with at the moment.

Enter Sandman- Motörhead

If you follow me on Twitter (@thetannerba), we are Facebook friends, or you work with me, you’re probably sick of this by now, but I can’t get enough.  This is one of the few Metallica songs I like covered by, well, the only metal band, Motörhead.  Just like the original it builds and builds with the instrumental intro and, this time, LEMMY!!  Seriously, this should be your hot summer night, driving with the windows down in your Corolla song.

We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue- Curtis Mayfield

Mayfield wrote this song in 1970 and every line of it should still be heard and taken to heart by every American.  So much truth…

Walk Together, Rock Together- 7 Seconds

I wish I could say that every song 7 Seconds recorded was this good…  Still, sometimes having one great song to your credit is all you need.  Trust me when I say to you that even the live versions of this song available online do not do this song justice.  Live at a hardcore “show” this song was over in about 45 seconds, not 1:45 and the whole thing was an absolute blur.  sXe

 Straight to Hell- The Clash

After an internal debate lasting over 30 years I have decided that this is the best Clash song ever- and that’s saying something!  Devastatingly political lyrics, great delivery by Strummer, reggae backbeat, the epitome of “punk” without sounding punk at all.  “Let me tell you ’bout your blood family kid, it ain’t Coca-Cola- it’s rice.”  That’s ridiculously good songwriting.  This song is just all there is.  Also, some of you youngsters have now learned that M.I.A. didn’t come up with that “Paper Planes” beat all by herself…

America the Beautiful- Ray Charles

I end with a simple, straight-forward, question:  how is this song, as sung by this man, not our National Anthem?


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