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…I’m back!


There will lots of new and exciting content (like my kit purchases while I was away!) coming your way over the next few days, but for now I want to commit a few things to posterity before I forget!

First, many thanks to Sculptor?!? for all she did while I was away- from posting some content on her own, to turning my scribbled missives from the road into something comprehensible, and beyond.  It’s always nice to have friends you can count on and on and on.

Thanks also to Neil Logan at Albion Rovers.  The day didn’t go well for the home side, but it was super nice of him to set me up with a “freebie” and allow me to see my first League One match and to add another park- Cliftonhill- to my growing list.

Finally, a group “thank you” to all of the readers of the site/Twitter followers who asked questions and made comments about my various activities over the past three weeks.  I always enjoy “getting away” when I go to Scotland but at the same time it’s nice that people are taking in interest in my enjoyment!  Thanks to all of you!

So, that’ll be it for today.

Tomorrow, of all things, a length post on the “plight” of recent back-to-back Highland League champions Brora Rangers F.C.


One comment on “…I’m back!

  1. Sculptor?!?
    April 1, 2015

    D’awww. ❤
    Welcome home!

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