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Days 7-10: Inverness and Dingwall

This is Inverness in the 1890s and this is pretty much what it looks like today...unless you were to turn around and look in the opposite direction, then, not so pretty.

This is Inverness and the River Ness in the 1890s and this is pretty much what it looks like today…unless you were to turn around and look in the opposite direction, then, not so pretty.

Alright, time to get stuck-in, this is the “meat” of the trip!

Day  7:  Today I will have arrived in Inverness after my “quiet time” on the Isle of Arran.  The trip will take about five hours, but if you look at a map of western Scotland you’ll see why- going in a straight line just isn’t possible.  That means I’ll get into Inverness in the early afternoon, check in to my bed & breakfast (I’m trying a new one this time- woo!), maybe do a load of laundry, and then go out to dinner for one of the few times on my trip, probably here for entirely dependable if not spectacular Italian food.  Then again, I really enjoyed that tapas place last time…  Either way, it will be back to the b&b for an early night because tomorrow…

Day 8:  I don’t really have any plans for today.  More than likely it will include some time on the internet catching up with events at home (maybe even posting something here!), buying souvenirs for my nieces, buying and sending some postcards, and if I’m feeling ambitious, a trip to the movies.  That may not sound “ambitious” to you, but if there’s nothing playing at the Eden Court Cinema in town I’ll need to either take a bus/taxi to Vue Cinemas or walk for an hour.  We’ll see…


Day 9:  MATCH DAY!  I’ll spend the morning dawdling around Inverness, have some lunch, and then it’s on the train to Dingwall to soak up some of the pre-match atmosphere before County kicks off against Kilmarnock at 3pm.  This will be the first time I’ve been to see County play at home since the stadium was improved to Premiership standards- it will also be the first time I’ve been their since THIS happened!

Every match at this point is an important one for County in their battle to avoid relegation, so I’m expecting a pulsating atmosphere and a full house on the day.  Or at least a win, that’s all that really matters.  If there happens to be another streaker I hope that she fares better than the last one I saw!

I have no really plans after the match, that’ll probably be determined by which supporters I met at the Hamilton match last Saturday and whether they’ve seen fit to invite me- and my new County-themed American flag- to socialize with them!

Craig Phadrig from above.

Craig Phadrig from above.

Day 10:  Sunday.  Not much will be going on today so as I have in the past, I’ll probably go “walkabout” for most of the day.  Along the River Ness or the Caledonian Canal, maybe up and around the site of the Pictish fort on Craig Phadrig, unless of course, it’s pouring down rain.  In that case a wee nap might be the order of the day.


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