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Days 4-6: The Isle of Arran

Can you see me waving?!

Can you see me waving?!

At least once during each trip I take to Scotland I make sure to go somewhere that will, for lack of a better world, isolate me from the rest of the world.  This is very much the “decompression” portion of my vacation.  Usually I like to put it in the middle of my trip, but it didn’t work out that way this time so it’s happening during the first week.

In the past I’ve spent my down time on the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides to name two places.  This time I find myself on the Isle of Arran (Eileen Arrain).  It’s only two hours from Glasgow, but with a population density of only about 25 people per square mile there will be plenty of peace and quite.  I’ll be based in Whiting Bay, population 680.  Getting the picture yet?

Any-who, on Day 4 I’ll travel from Glasgow to Ardrossan on Scotland’s west coast before taking the ferry to Brodick.  Once in Brodick I’ll take a leisurely eight mile stroll from the ferry terminal to Whiting Bay.

On Day 5 I’ll check out Glenashdale Falls (Eas a’ Chrannaig), an Iron Age fort, and the neolithic chambered tombs known as the “Giants’ Graves.”

On Day 6 I’ll head back to Brodick to check out Brodick Castle- former home of the Dukes of Hamilton- and then climb Goat Fell (Gaoda Bheinn), the highest point on Arran, which you can see in the picture above.

Now, while I will be incommunicado during my time on Arran, fear not!  The much-hyped kit post that I’ve been promising you will be posted during my time away.  Once again, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Until then, I’ll be off investigating waterfalls, climbing mountains, and doing nerdy history stuff…


2 comments on “Days 4-6: The Isle of Arran

  1. Kevin
    March 16, 2015

    WOW! That looks beautiful. Is that a seasonal photo of what you’ll see this time of year?

    • weefuse
      March 19, 2015

      Not quite as snowy, but otherwise, yes.

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