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Lookout, Sculptor?!? Has the Keys

Maybe giving me the keys might not have been the smartest thing he did...

Maybe giving me the keys might not have been the smartest thing he did…

Hello everyone, Sculptor?!? here.  As you’re all aware (and if you’re not, I don’t know where you’ve been hanging your hat lately), our esteemed host WeeFuse is traipsing about the Highlands of Scotland on a well deserved holiday.  He enlisted me to  help him post remotely, as necessary, but in giving me the keys to the car, he ran the risk of me taking it out for a joyride. Heh.

So I’m taking over for a bit, and giving you some rambling thoughts on tonight’s Revs match. What, you didn’t think that because I’m stuck here in NJ that I’d be a NYCFC fan, did you? Any of you who know me in meatspace know that I’m a RedSox fan, and beyond that, I *loathe* anything branded NY. I’m not saying it’s logical, but the reaction is immediate, and visceral, and decidedly a by-product of growing up in New England. And it’s usually followed by the waving of the NJ state bird, ifyouknowwhatImean (and I’m pretty sure you do).  Fair warning, what follows is less analysis and more stream-of-semi-consciousness.

Villa scores the first NYCFC goal.  Image from The Guardian, credit Seth Wenig/AP

Villa scores the first NYCFC goal. Image from The Guardian, credit Seth Wenig/AP

Well, anyway, I missed the first half of the Revs-NYCFC match because I was still out grocery shopping. Annoying, but a gal’s gotta eat. Though if the Revs play in the second half was any reflection of their play in the first half, I missed nothing outside of the first NYCFC goal in New Yankee Stadium. Which, frankly, I don’t care that I missed, because NY. Boooooo.

I note that Nguyen is back from injury (good), but not quite in top form (understandable, but decidedly not good). The rest of the squad just look at bit discombobulated, particularly the backline.  That’s definitely not good.

Red card assessed against NE in the 66th minute. Total bullshit call; that deserved a yellow at best. It wasn’t even decent embellishment by NYC, but it didn’t matter, I see the Yankee mystique is alive and well and evidently transferred over to other NYC concerns. So, NE is down to 10 men. At least we had the saving grace that the ref accurately marked the point of the foul outside the box; I was certain the call would result in a PK. Hooray for small victories?

The Revs were scrambling before, but now down a man, it’s even worse. They can’t seem to string together more than two passes at a go, nevermind putting together anything resembling an offense. Defense, even less so. The only thing keeping NYC from scoring and running up the point differential is dumb luck, I think. Shuttleworth has been on his game, however, with at least four fantastic saves that I noted. But he had absolutely no help and no chance at saving the NYCFC goal in the 85th minute. That goal came as a result of a nearly technically perfect cross from NYC; it was effectively indefensible. Sigh.

End of match: sadly, the Revs just couldn’t manage to scrape anything together, and NYCFC has their first home win in the bag, with a final score of 2-0. It was clear from watching that they already have a home field advantage; I’m guessing having some 40k people in attendance would give a team quite a boost. It should be interesting to see how rattled NYCFC are going to be when they have to travel to Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver.

Oh well. 0-2 to start the season isn’t the end of the world, at least not technically. If I recall correctly, they didn’t start last year out so hot, and they didn’t finish exactly horribly.

So there you have it; I hope you enjoyed the ride (even if you weren’t expecting me behind the wheel). I’m parking the car back in the driveway, and yes, I topped off the tank. After all, if I want to take it for another spin, it’s got to be ready to go!


2 comments on “Lookout, Sculptor?!? Has the Keys

  1. Martinovich
    March 15, 2015

    From what I saw of the game, David Villa looked like the best player on the pitch. I’m not really surprised there.

  2. Sculptor?!?
    March 15, 2015

    No, neither was I. I was just hoping for a better performance from the Revs. My pipedream was that they’d pants the NYCFC, but…yeah.

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