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Day 1: Boston…Dublin…GLASGOW!



The past month could not have gone by any more slowly- it happens every time.  I get all of my details squared away, my bag is 95% packed- and I still have to wait about for four more weeks.  It’s my own fault, but I just can’t help myself.  But on to today’s events!

I’ll be working almost a full day today to ensure that the paycheck I get in the middle of my trip is as big as possible AND to make sure that I am as tired as humanly possible when I board my flight.  After work its in the car and off to Gloucester, MA where my friend Blair- a fine Scottish-American herself- has been generous enough to allow me to leave my car for free and who has volunteered to drive me to the airport.

From Boston I’m off to Dublin- there’s got to be a joke there about a plane load of (presumably) Irish-American Bostonians headed for the old country- for a brief stopover before I board a puddle jumper (I don’t mind them at all, actually) to Glasgow.  Once in Glasgow my routine begins.

  • Shuttle from the airport to the Buchanan Street bus station.
  • Across the street to Cineworld Cinemas for a movie (all part of my master plan to stay awake for as long as possible).  The other cool thing about this is that I usually get to see a movie that won’t come out in the States for months.  Such has been the case in the past with movies like Enemy at the Gates and, last time, The Raven.
  • After the movie it’s time for the long walk to the West End.  I could take the subway, but the walk gets the ol’ blood pumping and helps to keep me awake.  Somewhere along the way I’ll stop somewhere for lunch, then stop at Co-op to pick something up for dinner (that will make more sense in a minute).  Click the C0-0p link and then explain to me why we don’t have them in the U.S.?  They are everywhere in Scotland from the Outer Hebrides to downtown Glasgow, each one’s size and products tailored to it’s surroundings, unlike, say, 7/11 in the U.S. which is pretty much the same whether you’re in Manhattan or Pt. Barrow.  Oh, and you can by real food there- unlike 7/11.
  • Once I get to my bed and breakfast I’ll unpack, take a shower, and then, despite it being mid-afternoon, I’ll go to sleep for as long as I can.  When I wake up I’ll eat my food from Co-op so I don’t have to got back out, watch a little television and then go back to sleep.  When I wake up in the morning no jet-lag and ready to go!

So, until tomorrow- AND FOOTBALL- have a good night.  Or day.  Whatever it is there now.


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