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Coming Soon To A Football Ground Near You!

Not bad, eh?

Not bad, eh?

No time to recap this weekend’s Major League Soccer opening weekend- I’ll get to that tomorrow- for now I wanted to share something pretty special with you.

A while back I decided I wanted a custom flag to bring with me on my impending trip to Scotland to show my support for Ross County F.C., the fact that I’ve traveled thousands of miles from home just to see my club play in person, and that there are County supporters EVERYWHERE.

I did a little research on having a flag made and it was just too expensive to order only one and I couldn’t find any design that I liked from the pre-made templates.  So, what do you do when you know what you want, you can’t find it, and you don’t have the talent to do it yourself?

You call in the experts, that’s what you do!

Luckily I happen to be close friends with an expert artist- you may know her as frequent commenter Sculptor?!?– who was willing to make me exactly what I wanted and what I wanted is shown above- pretty sweet if you ask me!  All it cost me was a dinner here, and speaking of that we need to leave soon- Monday night is the chicken parmesan special!

So, look for me, and my awesome flag in the away stand at New Douglas Park in Hamilton this Saturday and at Victoria Park in Dingwall the following week!


4 comments on “Coming Soon To A Football Ground Near You!

  1. Sculptor?!?
    March 9, 2015

    D’AWWWWW ❤

  2. Kevin
    March 9, 2015

    That is awesome!!

  3. Kevin
    March 9, 2015

    Now…how do I get to watch the match on the TV or online so I can see you??? 🙂

    • weefuse
      March 9, 2015

      Well given that neither match isn’t against Celtic it’s more than likely you’ll have to wait until the following day and watch the highlight package on You Tube- just search for “SPFL Official” and you should find it. If you don’t, just use the “last 24 hours” feature to narrow things down. Still, I promise nothing!

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