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Odds & Ends: Arid Wasteland Edition

Are those Sepp Blatter's footprints?

Are those Sepp Blatter’s footprints?

  • So FIFA are considering moving the 2022 Qatar World Cup to November or December.  Well, that “solves” the big weather problem in Qatar- by creating bunch of big problems for leagues around the world that are usually playing during that time.  Now, what are FIFA going to do about the widespread bribery that gave the the soccer non-entity the most prestigious soccer tournament in the world?  How are the addressing the slave labor/dead workers problem?  Ah, they’re not.  I see.
  • The New England Revolution are currently competing in the Desert Diamond Cup in Arizona as part of their preseason training.  Three other teams are involved, some matches have been played, the livestreams have been unwatchable, Diego Fagundez is playing well, some un-drafted kid named Tyler Rudy (Rudy Tyler?) earned himself a contract, and Juan Agudelo hasn’t been assigned a uniform number yet.  All very exciting- DROP THE PUCK ALREADY!!
  • I love Timmy Howard, but the the beard is just…over.
  • At what point will the failure of EPL clubs in Europe (Champions League and Europa League) begin to take a competitive and financial toll on the “biggest/best league in the world?”  I’m guessing it won’t, but that doesn’t mean that is shouldn’t.
  • Speaking of which, Everton are still in and Liverpool are out?  Pardon me while I snicker quietly.
  • Rangers fans were reportedly singing sectarian songs during their away match against Raith Rovers last weekend.  I’m not even sure why the league and association bother to address this anymore, it never results in any kind of meaningful penalty and the Gers supporters understandably see no reason to stop, because, after all, why should simple human decency ever be a good enough reason?
  • Once destined for Hellas Verona in Serie A, former New England Revolution defender A.J. Shares has signed a contract with Viking FK in Norway.  Why do I find it hard to believe that they’ll be giving him more than (or even equal to) the roughly $160,000 in total compensation he received from MLS in 2014.  Viking are a mid-level club that isn’t going to win the league or play in Europe, whereas returning to the Revs would have given him a better than average shot at MLS Cup again in 2015.  Good luck to him, I guess.
  • Finally, pay attention to this:  Within the next two weeks I’m going to post the greatest kit-related post this website has ever seen.  Trust me when I tell you this- it will blow your mind.  Don’t worry, I’ll continue to hype it as it gets closer and I pick a firm date to publish it.  YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

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