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Ross County F.C.: We’ve Entered “Face-Saving” Mode

You get the idea...

You get the idea…

This weekend’s 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Aberdeen F.C. pretty much broke me.  I have not accepted that we cannot save ourselves, but at the same time I am coming to grips with our impending relegation.  With that in mind, I thought to myself, “Surely there must still be something tangible left to play for?”  Well, it turns out that I have discovered just the thing and that thing is called “pride.”  Or failing that, escaping infamy.

In this case the infamy is not relegation- that may be inescapable- but rather avoiding the ignominy of being the club to be relegated from the top Scottish division with the lowest point total in the “modern era.”*  And here’s the good news- we’ve already achieved this!  Ross County’s 12 points to date are one more than the 11 achieved by St. Johnstone F.C. in the 1975-1976 season, the first season of the old Scottish Premier League!  One more point and we’ll break our current tie with the 1984-1985 Greenock Morton side that propped up the SPL with 12 points.

What is the goal?  I think 20 points will do nicely, let’s call it “relegation with dignity.”

Next up on our journey, the juggernaut that was the 1988-1989 Hamilton Academical F.C. squad and their 14 points!

*I’m ignoring low point totals that were the result- at least in part- of penalties imposed on the club in question- Gretna comes to mind as one example.


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