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WeeFuse Just Wanted To Relax…


It had been my hope today to stay warm and comfy indoors, maybe watch a movie or two followed by a nice bath in a tub filled with the tears of all the Patriots haters out there, but alas, I had to hook up the dog sled and go to work.  Happily, I am home early, enjoying a bowl of corn soup with chorizo in it and some toasted three-cheese bread on the side for dipping.  Oh, and some soccer stuff happened that I should tell you about!


First off, Darren Maatsen, the last of the four original “Dutch Masters” signed by Ross County by former Director of Football George Adams and manager/son Derek Adams has left the club.  It’s hard to call the Adamses move for Maatsen, Mark Klok, Melvin de Leeuw, and Kevin Luckassen in the summer of 2013 an abject failure- Luckassen was sold on for a tidy sum and de Leuuw was the club’s best player…when Adams chose to play him, that is- but Klok never panned out (or really got a chance to), and de Leuuw asked to leave after he’d had enough of Derek Adam’s “Blut und Eisen” approach to man management, and Maatsen, well…

After de Leeuw he might have been the best of the bunch, but it was clear that County- whether under the Adams’s or under the current McIntyre/Dodds regime- was never going to play the brand of football that Maatsen seemed build to excel in- attacking, fast, creative, etc..  Basically the opposite of Scottish football, which begs the question- why did they sign him in the first place?  Club supporters, however, seemed ready to embrace Maatsen if given the chance and there was an outpouring of support for him on social media today after his departure was announced.

Second, it’s Deadline Day in Scotland and rumors abound as to who, if anyone else, Ross County may bring in before the transfer window closes.  Here are a few of the names being bandied about at the moment:

  • Gavin Reilly (F):  Currently at Queen of the South where he played for County manager Jim McIntyre.  Though only 21 he’s already played 100+ senior matches and has been good for a goal about once every three matches.  Intriguing…
  • Danny Carmichael (M/F):  Also at Queen of the South, also played for McIntyre.  The 24 year old has been the apple of many a Ross County supporter’s eye in several recent transfer windows.
  • Abdoulaye Méïté (D):  A 34 year old French-born Ivorian international currently playing for OFI in Superleague Greece for OFI.  He spent the bulk of his career in Ligue 1 with Marseille and Dijon and in the Premier League with Bolton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion.
  • Joe Gormley (F):  Liam Boyce’s former strike partner at Cliftonville in Northern Ireland, the 24 year old has 22 goals in 27 matches this year and 76 in 123 league matches and 102 in 159 matches in all competitions over the last four seasons. Boyce and Gormley reunited to avoid relegation?

Third, two more former Revolution players may have found new footballing homes- defender Stephen McCarthy with Finnish top flight side Kuopion Pallosuera and forward (allegedly) Dimitry Imbongo with the Austrian second tier side Kapfenberger SV- that sounds just about right for him.  He’ll probably bang in the goals against the likes of 1FC Linzertorte and Kickers Düdlebugg.

And then there’s the new USMNT away kit…


Call me crazy, but I want to like it.  I don’t, but I want to.  It will be worn with white socks, I assume.  I’m not even mad at Nike, I guess I just wish they would give us the rational behind their recent kit designs, maybe a paragraph saying, “Hey, this is what we are trying to do from a design perspective…”  I’m not saying that this knowledge would change my mind about their USMNT kits, but at least I’d know the reasoning behind them.  But then again, whatever, I have no plans to buy one!

Before I go, back to the Super Bowl for just one moment.  Let me clear that I like Richard Sherman- he’s obviously a great player and a smart guy as well.  I wasn’t too impressed though when the TV cameras last night caught him “mugging” on more than one occasion, clearly calling out the Patriots in general and Darrelle Revis specifically.  That is why, when I eventually lose my mind and am living in a “hoarder style” apartment, refusing to cut my finger or toe nails, and wearing Kleenex boxes on my feet ala Howard Hughs, I will not be watching Ice Station Zebra on a continuous loop, but instead, this-


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