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Odds & Ends: BRING ON THE SNOW!! Edition



  • Under almost any circumstances a 1-2 loss to Celtic would reflect well on Ross County F.C., even if they were playing the match at home.  In this case, however, County are so desperate for points that even a “valiant effort” (and that me be stretching the truth a bit) in defeat doesn’t do much to soothe the nerves of County supporters at home and abroad.  It’s also a bit disconcerting for County supporters that it appears even less likely that a “savior” is going to arrive during the transfer window- which will close within the week.  The next match is against Aberdeen- c’mon you Staggies!!
  • In my current football fantasy life Ross County manage to get into the relegation playoffs where they meet and defeat Rangers.  County stay in the Scottish Premiership and Rangers go out of business for good- in all forms- and Ibrox is converted into a giant car park.  And Hearts win automatic promotion to the Premiership, ’cause they’ve earned it and I feel bad for the players and staff who had nothing to do with any of the shenanigans that led to the club’s relegation.
  • The newly-updated Staggie Archive recently hit the net and it is impressive to say the least!  There’s still a lot of work to be done before it is complete (or as complete as any archive can be, they are a “living” thing after all), but it is also clear that heroic work has already been done to get it up and running.  I can’t wait to geek-out over all of the kits in the “Hall of Kits”!
  • It was touch-and-go for a while, but in the end the U.S. U20 men’s team defeated El Salvador, 2-0, and will join Mexico, Panama, and Honduras as CONCACAF’s representatives in the U20 World Cup, to be held this summer in New Zealand.  There’s also a good chance that the New England Revolution’s Diego Fagundez will be there as well- Uruguay have made the final stage of the South American Youth Championships and they are being held in Uruguay.
  • I haven’t had much to say about the NWSL in recent months so it’s too bad that my first mention of it in a long time is not a good one.  Two Boston Breakers players- 22 year old Jazmine Reeves and 24 year old Courtney Jones- have left the team since the end of the 2014.  If those seem like young ages at which to “retire,” they are, and injuries are not involved.  Both players were major contributors to the Breakers last year and both have left the club to…wait for it…accept jobs.  It’s too bad, but that’s what happens when league salaries range from $6000 and $30000 and the world of cubicles and business casual attire can offer twice that as well as things like health insurance, a company car, career advancement, etc..
  • Let it snow.

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