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UPDATE: The Ross County Rumor Mill…and a Ross County FACT!!

Sure, fine, whatever...

Sure, fine, whatever…

(Yes, I am pointedly ignoring both yesterday’s Highland Derby and its outcome.  The less said the better and all of that…)

Let’s start with the fact:  striker Craig Curran has joined County on a six month contract.  Curran began his career as a teenager with Tranmere Rovers before moving on to Carlisle United, Morecambe, Rochdale, Chester City, Limerick, and Nuneaton Borough.  The Liverpudlian striker is 25 years old and a little (hopeful) math shows that, at the Conference Premier/League One/Irish Premiership level he’s probably good for 8-10 goals over the course of a season.  What that means for the worst (sorry, it’s true) club in the Scottish Premiership remains to be seen, but the fact is that County’s leading scorer at the moment is Jake Jervis with three goals (none of which I can remember, if I’m honest), so he can hardly do worse.    That being said, this has all of the earmarks of a New England Revolution c. 2013 signing- “hit and hope,” if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor.

Now on to the rumors…

UPDATE:  A mere 2o minutes after I clicked the “post” button Yoann Arquin posted this on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 6.01.10 PM

So, that takes care of that!

In the match I’ve ignored above, Yoann Arquin received a yellow card in the 22nd minute and was subbed out- uninjured as far as I know- in the 33rd minute.  Increasingly troublesome and increasingly unproductive are not descriptions that go well together approaching a transfer window.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t play another match for Ross County.

Other rumors/speculation out of Ross-shire include:

Michael “Midge” Gardyne saying that he’d like to stay beyond his current loan from Dundee United.  I’d be all for that.  Gardyne is still only 28 and has never been anything but a talented hard-worker for the club.  A real professional who can help to get the youngsters and the the signings to gel.

Paul Lawson, like Gardyne has seen it all with County and has apparently voiced his willingness to come north again and help County with their relegation fight despite being in only a slightly better place at Motherwell!  Whatever, if true, glad to have him back at Victoria Park as well.

And to complete the trio, Iain Vigurs, also at Motherwell, has apparently fallen out of favor since Stuart McCall’s departure and may be available for a move north.  Vigurs, still only 26, may have been prone to inconsistency in his days with Ross County, but few will argue about his talent.

The only problems with the trio of former County players is that Lawson and Vigurs are midfielders and that’s not really where County need help at the moment with Brittain, Kiss, Carey, Quinn, Cardle, etc. on the books.  Then again, if certain current midfielders were moved into the back line and others were released, well, it could get interesting…


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