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The State of the Revolution’s Roster: Pre-Expansion Draft

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Attention-grabbing headline, wasn’t it?

This afternoon the MLS Expansion Draft takes place in order to help to populate the rosters of next year’s two new expansion franchises- New York City F.C. and Orlando City S.C..  Ahead of that clubs had one day following MLS Cup to decline or exercise contract options for 2015, to make trades, etc..  The New England Revolution were busy!  Here is, as far as I can tell, the current status of each player who was on the Revolution roster when the 2014 season ended- explanations where necessary.

  • Larry Jackson (GK): Declined
  • Bobby Shuttleworth (GK):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Luis Soffner (GK):  Declined
  • Joe Nasco (GK):  Declined (acquired from Colorado for Castillion and Imbongo)
  • Brad Knighton (GK):  Out of contract but negotiating with the club, eligible for the re-entry draft on Friday.
  • Jossimar Sanchez (D):  Declined
  • Jose Gonçalves (D):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • A.J. Soares (D):  Out of contract but negotiating with club.  Also thought to have offers in Europe as well as being a likely target of the two expansion teams.  Eligible for the re-entry draft on Friday.
  • Stephen McCarthy (D):  Declined but eligible for the re-entry draft on Friday.
  • Andrew Farrell (D):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Kevin Alston (D):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Darrius Barnes (D):  Unprotected entering the expansion draft.
  • Andy Dorman (M):  Unprotected entering the expansion draft.
  • Shalrie Joseph (M):  Declined
  • Lee Nguyen (M):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Chris Tierney (M):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Kelyn Rowe (M):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Jermaine Jones (M):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Donnie Smith (M):  Declined
  • Scott Caldwell (M):  Protected from expansion draft as a Home Grown Player
  • Alec Sundly (M):  Declined
  • Daigo Kobayashi (M):  Protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Diego Fagundez (M):  Unprotected entering the expansions draft but- and stay with me on this one- the Revolution have made “deals” with Orlando City and NYC FC to not select him during the expansion draft.  Hmm…this all sounds a bit shady to me, but MLS is nothing if not transparent when it comes to player movement…  Whatever, he’s back in 2015!
  • Teal Bunbury (F):  Out of contract but negotiating with the club, protected entering the expansion draft.
  • Steve Neumann (F):  Unprotected entering the expansion draft.
  • Patrick Mullins (F):  Unprotected entering the expansion draft.
  • Andre Akpan (F):  Declined
  • Tony Taylor (F):  Declined
  • Geoffrey Castillion (F): Traded with Dimitry Imbongo to Colorado for Joe Nasco (above), the clubs swapped some draft picks as well.  Colorado declined his option.
  • Dimitry Imbongo (F):  Traded with Geoffrey Castillion to Colorado for Joe Nasco (above), the clubs swapped some draft picks as well.  Colorado declined his option.
  • Jerry Bengston (F):  Unprotected entering the expansion draft.
  • Charlie Davies (F):  Protected during the expansion draft.

Yikes that’s a lot of wheeling and dealing!

Probably the only surprises here are that Mullins and (to a lesser extent) Neumann were not protected by the club.  My guess is that they’ve looked at Orland and New York’s needs and feel pretty confident that neither player will be selected by an expansion club.  Maybe they’ll lose one of these players, but who would you remove from the protected list in their place?  I also think they’d like Soares back, but how do you protect a player who is out of contract, may have offers outside of MLS, and who you (SPECULATION AHEAD) might be able to replace with a defensive designated player?

I’ll be back later today (or possibly early tomorrow) to let you know how the Revolution fared in the Expansion Draft.


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