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New England Revolution Lose Two In Expansion Draft

Wishing you all the best, Patrick- except when you play the Revs!

Wishing you all the best, Patrick- except when you play the Revs!

The 2015 MLS Expansion Draft has ended and the New England Revolution have lost two players- both to New York City F.C.

With their second round pick New York selected New England forward Patrick Mullins.  In leaving Mullins off of the protected list the Revolution took a gamble- Mullins was inconsistent both in terms of performance and playing time this season, but I don’t think anyone in Foxboro doubts his potential.  If he had continued to play at the level he did at the beginning of the season (or in his MLS Cup appearance) this might have been a bigger blow, but when Charlie Davies and Teal Bunbury rounded into form Mullins became, if not expendable, at least a luxury.  Mullins position also wasn’t helped by the fact that there was no room to play him a midfield featuring Lee Nguyen (who scored like a forward as well), Jermaine Jones, Scott Caldwell, Kelyn Rowe, etc..  Mullins will likely flourish with New York if given the chance to play significant minutes, but he wasn’t likely to play significant minutes in New England without an injury to Davies or Bunbury, so moving on is probably the best thing for both player and club.

With their fifth round pick New York- inexplicably- took forward Tony Taylor from the Revolution.  I say “inexplicably” because…why would they?!  Taylor made one, ten minute appearance for the Revolution, and in his entire career has never been good enough or healthy enough to appear in 20 matches in any season in his career.  Yes, he is only 25, and yes, four years in the top two divisions in Portugal (though only one in the top tier), but the fact remains that in five years as a professional he has only played in 69 professional matches, scoring 14 goals.  Yes, he has shown flashes of talent- that’s why the Revolution were willing to take a flier on him in the lottery, but I find it hard to believe that there was no other player out there who could have helped New York more.  So, I guess all I can say in this case, thanks for taking off of our hands, Jason Kreis!

So, all in all, the Revolution came through the draft pretty well.  Now let’s focus on another designated player (or two!), a new stadium, and getting back to MLS Cup in 2015!


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