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The 2015-2016 Liverpool Home Shirt?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.32.34 AM

The only thing anyone knows for sure (?) is that next seasons Liverpool F.C. kits will be New Balance branded.  I’ve talked about that switch here and the reasons behind the switch.  In that same article I also provided a picture of what all three shirts might look like- which is what makes today’s post even more disturbing if you are a Liverpool supporter.  While some of the details are different from the previous picture- real collar versus “faux” collar, two-color trim versus only yellow- everything else seems to be the same, including the odd check pattern turning into stripes motif.

I’m afraid that the only hope I can offer you based on the expertise (cough cough) I’ve gained over many years of shirt collecting is that this shirt appears- to my eyes- to be a mock-up.  First off, even from the picture the shirt looks to be of low quality- the kind of thing you might buy out of the boot of a car a few blocks from Anfield rather than at the club shop.  Second, despite the logo on the front the shirt is not New Balance “branded,” the tag inside the collar appears to have the “liver bird” on it which makes me think this was something from the cheaper, house-brand range pulled off the sales floor/out of the stock room and silkscreened as a jumping off point.

Then again, this could be the real thing and Liverpool supporters might be taking it in the neck for 2015-2016…*


*New Balance has a history of making average to awful kits, but don’t let that worry you!


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