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Since Everyone Has Been Asking…

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Let’s get one thing out in the open right off the bat:  when it comes to athletic endeavors in which I am competing I do not deal well with what I consider to be “failure.”  Losing in my old man indoor soccer league ruins my day,* and failing to meet the goals I’ve set for myself when it comes to running 5Ks makes me livid.

And I was livid on Thursday morning.

Mainly because I could see the whole endeavor slowly hurtling toward failure before the race had even begun.  Allow me to walk you through it.

  • I worked all day on Wednesday.
  • Thanks to the snow my 1:45 drive up to my sister’s house clocked in at 3:40.
  • I won’t name any names, but on the morning of the race there was some “poor planning” and I arrived at the race site approximately 12 minutes before the race began- and I still had to check-in.  So, no stretching, warming-up, or anything else.
  • It was 22 degrees and windy.
  • All of the snow on the course that had been melted into slush by the rock salt the night before had re-frozen into rutted ice.
  • Because of this, I had to wear sneakers that I’d never run in before in order to have enough traction and keep my feet dry.
  • Oh, and did I mention that the course climbs 220 calf-busting feet in the first mile?

Anyway, my personal best on this course is 28:35.  Of course that was in near perfect conditions for November in New Hampshire- mid-40s, sunny, and dry.  But I was in worse shape than I currently am.  I would have been happy with anything sub-30.

32:49 (I ran six minutes faster two weeks ago in Maryland)

That put me 204 out of 575 and 27 of 57 in my age group (40-49)

And this finally gave me some perspective.

My goal the year I ran 28:35 (2008?) was to finish in the top third of the field and the top half of my age group, which I did.

Turns out I did the same thing in this race- more or less.  Just missed it in the overall field and did a little better in my (now older) age group.

So, I’m okay with how things turned out…I guess.

Next up, Metchuen, NJ on December 7 where it will be flatter (I hope) and warmer (I hope) and I will be faster (I will).

Also, my ankles still hurt from the ice.



*that being said, we won on Tuesday and I scored the tying goal and assisted on the winning goal!


3 comments on “Since Everyone Has Been Asking…

  1. Sculptor?!?
    November 29, 2014

    Well, I can’t say I haven’t been duly warned now, can I? 😉

  2. weefuse
    November 29, 2014

    I was just going to write “see you at the finish line” on the back of my shirt and tell you that way.

  3. Sculptor?!?
    November 30, 2014

    I warned you that you were going to have to wait, are you bringing a good book?

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