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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors…


Since starting this website in October of 2011 one of my daily tasks has been to wade through the endless stream of emails from people and companies whose basic message to me is, “Have I/we got a deal for you!”  Invariably, they don’t.  They basically want me to post their content- most of it only marginally football related- on my website to drive my “page views” and, oh, yeah, all of the “articles” just happen to link back to their website selling time shares, or boner pills, or what-have-you.  As you might have noticed, none of these offers ever end up in front of you on the Tanner Ba’.  Occasionally, as in once prior to today, a company will contact me with a legitimate, football-related offer that meshes well with what I do here.  Today I bring you the second such offer.


A few weeks ago I was contacted by the fine people at The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company (TOFFS) and I was delighted to hear from them as this is a company I know and to whom I have happily given my money in the past.  They’ve been making replicas of historical football kits and t-shirts for almost a quarter of a century and I have always admired the way the respect the history of the game and its players.  Ah, but what does all of this have to do with little ol’ me?  TOFFS have launched several new lines of t-shirts to go along with their retro-replica kit range and they offered me the t-shirt of my choice in return for telling you about it, a virtual handshake was exchanged, and here we are.

It is to TOFFS’ credit that picking the t-shirt I wanted was the hardest part of the deal they offered me.  Among those I hemmed and hawed over were the Peter Beardsley shirt from their “Icons” collection…


…and a New York Cosmos baseball-style shirt from their Cosmos Collection…


…but in the end, there could really only be one choice for me, and it was this:



Here’s what you need to know about my choice:  it is from TOFFS’ Stanley Chow Collection, a group of t-shirts designed by Manchester-based (don’t hold that against him if you support another club!) graphic artist Stanley Chow (here’s a link to his personal website if you’d like to do some exploring).  The photo of this shirt makes it look red, but it is actually more of a burgundy (as the TOFFS’ website correctly says), so the United “red devil” horns show up nicely, I got an XL, but as you might expect, what those in the U.K. and Europe think of as an XL is a bit smaller than what we do here in the States- perfect for me though, as I ride the L/XL borderline anyway. It’s 100% organic cotton (super soft!) and the art looks even better in person, from the mole on his lip to the prominent Adam’s apple to the bushy eyebrows.  Oh, and of course Chow made sure to include the “popped” collar as well.

So that’s the good news for me- a sweet t-shirt- now, the good news for you!  Depending on the level of interest today’s post generates among the Tanner Ba’s readership (both U.S. and U.K. based!) there may be an opportunity in the near future to give away a shirt or two as part of a contest- think of it as my “Prime Minister’s Question Time” but with an actual, tangible, prize!  If that doesn’t pique your interest, you haven’t spent enough time looking at the TOFFS’ website.  Trust me, there are some absolute gems, like this, and this, and this.  Oh, and if you’re an Arsenal supporter, you’re going to have a field day looking at the t-shirts on their site- Henry, Bergkamp, Wenger, and more.

Finally, before I close, just a reminder, that what got it all started for TOFFS was making spot-on replicas of old football shirts and there is still no company doing a better job of it.  Now, if they’d just add a Ross County F.C. top to the collection…


2 comments on “And Now A Word From Our Sponsors…

  1. Andrew
    November 23, 2014

    I haven’t clicked through yet, but for me that Cosmos shirt would be hard to beat. I’ve hemmed and hawed for years about getting a Cosmos track jacket.

    Just a suggestion, but the proposed give away, if it happens, should be based on career PMQT results. Why? Oh, I don’t know, but there’s definitely no ulterior motive in that idea.

  2. weefuse
    November 23, 2014

    You just want the give away to be “fair,” I get it.

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