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Calling All Scottish Readers, or, WeeFuse Attempts To Crowd Source


Friends, I need your help.

When I was in Scotland in 2012 I ran a 5K race (sponsored by the Stroke Association) in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow.  I would like to do the same thing again in March of 2015 but I am not having any luck finding a race- anywhere.  So, I am calling upon you to see if you can help.  I have only two requests- and one is flexible:

  • I would prefer to run a 5K race, BUT I am toying with the idea of running my first 10K race so if that’s all you can find, please pass it along- I’ll at least have time to train for it if that’s my only option.
  • Any race I can take public transportation to and from would be better.

I haven’t committed to any dates or locations yet, but at present it looks like these are the days and places I could race:

  • March 15 or 16:  Glasgow
  • March 17, 18, or 19:  Dundee
  • March 20, 21, 22, or 23:  Inverness
  • March 27, 28, or 29:  Glasgow

I’ll also be in Elgin, Oban, Denny/Bonnybridge, and on the Isle of Mull, but I’m not sure any of those will work due to the short time I’ll be in each.  But hey, if you know of something in one of these places send it along anyway!

If it helps on the public transportation part of things, I usually stay in the West End in Glasgow (right near the Kelvingrove Museum) and on Kenneth Street in Inverness- I don’t know where I’ll be staying in Dundee.

Alright, those are the details, here is how to contact me if you think you can help:  A) leave a comment on this post, B) send an email to, C) Tweet @thetannerba, D) turn west and yell really loudly.

Finally, if you want to race with me, well, that would be delightful!!





2 comments on “Calling All Scottish Readers, or, WeeFuse Attempts To Crowd Source

  1. Kevin
    November 13, 2014

    Here’s a few things I found through some of the sites I use to find races:

    Glasgow March 27: 3K on the Green:

    Inverness: Weekly FREE Timed 5K every Saturday:

    Glasgow: Weekly FREE Timed 5K every Saturday:

    Here’s a site with lots of info, but I don’t know enough about Scottish geography to know where to search:

    Hope these help.

    • weefuse
      November 13, 2014

      I will check into them immediately, thank you!

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