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WeeFuse’s Weekend Round-Up

Play me more.

Play me more.

As promised, here are a few thoughts on the two matches I paid attention to this weekend.

Ross County F.C. v. Motherwell F.C.

  • I’ll say this for new manager Jim McIntyre, he wasn’t afraid of making significant changes!  Captain Richard Brittain and Filip Kiss were dropped to the bench and new signings Darren Barr, Michael Gardyne, and Jackson Irvine walked right into the starting 11.  Supporters seem to feel that all- but especially Gardyne- looked worth their place in the starting line-up and that can only be good where “depth” is concerned.
  • Two things were also clear at the front end of things:  Despite scoring some goals early on in the season, Jake Jervis probably isn’t good enough to be the club’s first choice at this point, whereas, Liam Boyce probably is.  Boyce came on again as a second half sub and once again scored within minutes of entering the match.  Boyce may not have the look of the “modern footballer,” but all he did in Northern Ireland was score goals and when given the opportunity so far he’s done the same in the Premiership- get him in there!
  • I don’t want to look too far ahead and past any current problems with the roster, but the top priority during the January transfer window should probably be a goalkeeper.  Neither Reguero nor Brown are “bad,” but that doesn’t mean they are “good.”
  • Stuart Kettlewell has indeed rejoined the club to work with the Developmental squad, but apparently he has also signed up as a player…with Brora Rangers.  Good for him.
  • The general feeling is that though the result was familiar (and some argued that a point apiece would have been a more “just” outcome), County looked a better side against Motherwell and that’s with only three days training under their new management team.
  • Tough one against Aberdeen this Saturday…at least a point, please!

New England Revolution v. Montreal Impact

  • Here’s a little tip for Calum Mallace (Montreal’s goal scorer on the night):  watch your back.  Jermaine Jones walked away- literally and figuratively- from your attempts to injure tackle him on Saturday night and then called you out- even though he didn’t actually know your name- after the match.  Take heed.  Also, your hair is terrible.
  • I don’t like that New England has given up early goals in their last few matches.  I do like that they’ve shrugged it off each time and come back to win easily.  Still, not a habit you want to have…
  • It took him a little while to get going this season, but Kelyn Rowe is back on track and that means if you see him with the ball 30 yards out from goal you better close him down or he will drop a bomb on you.  Like this.  It’s what he does.
  • Finally, Montreal might have the only team name in MLS that is worth than “Revolution.”
  • Okay, maybe not finally.  Here’s this again:



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