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This comes late because I honestly didn’t know if I could, would, or should post anything at all, never mind anything specifically about the events that took place on September 11, 2001.

Simply put, I have nothing of import to say.

The memories of that day are still too vivid and too painful for me.  At the time I was teaching and coaching at a private school where about 75% of the parent population worked in Manhattan and probably half of those worked in the financial district.

My school was incredibly, inexplicably, lucky- we lost nobody.  No students, no parents, no faculty nor their spouses.  Our luck, however, ended there.

My assistant coach lost friends.  The men’s coach- and my close friend- had worked at both the Canadian Bank of Commerce and J.P. Morgan and he lost dozens of friends and former co-workers.

Many of my players and students had friends at other private schools who lost parents, siblings, friends, etc..

I spent most of that day sitting in the school’s office with one of my players and students and her brother waiting to hear if their father- who I knew very well- was alive.  His company had switched his destination for the day so soon before his flight that he hadn’t had a chance to call his family and let them know- his original flight was the one that hit the Pentagon.

And I guess that’s it really.  I’m just glad that Lizzie and Pete didn’t lose their dad that day.


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