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Ross County F.C.: So What Now?

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Was firing Director of Football George Adams and his manager/son Derek Adams the right thing to do?  I’ll admit up front that I don’t know and that I’ll probably never have a “black and white” opinion on the matter.

What is black and white is that, barring Derek’s brief sojourn down south to test the waters as an assistant at Hibernian, the father-son combination having done nothing but good for the club since the Adams the Younger took over as manager in 2007.  Has it all been smooth sailing?  It has not.  The pair have been derided as a bit to tee-totaling and Bible-thumping for the rough-and-tumble world of professional football and as a manager Derek could be a bit stubborn, a bit combative, and, as one County player found out, he wasn’t above physical violence to make a point…allegedly.  All of that being said, one never got the feeling that any of these things had any purpose other than what was the best for Ross County Football Club.  Both men were absolute battlers on behalf of the County cause- including Derek’s days as one of the club’s best all-time players- and this should be remembered above all else.

While we may never know for sure why club chairman Roy McGregor chose to make a change in leadership today it is believed by many that McGregor let the Adams know over the summer that a third season of starting slowly, totally re-making the club during the transfer window, and then scrambling to safety in the second half of the season was not going to be tolerated.  Thus, when the club got off to an 0-4 record in the league (and some other clubs- like Hamilton- thought to be County’s competition for a safe spot in the table got off to flying starts) one had to wonder just how much rope McGregor was going to give the pair.  As it turns out, its was only the four matches- even a League Cup win against Stranraer was not enough to buy the duo some additional time.  This being said, I think it speaks to McGregor’s character as a man and talents as a businessman that he pulled the plug early rather than leaving these two men who have given so much to the club twisting in the wind for weeks on end.

While Steve Ferguson and captain Richard Brittain will lead the club against Hamilton this weekend, McGregor’s choice for the club’s new manager will speak volumes about where he sees the club going in future seasons.  Clearly he was not content with mere “survival,” or he could have stuck with Derek and George.  However, to pluck just one more name form the Scottish coaching carousel (Lennon, Butcher, Locke, Murray, etc.) won’t show much ambition either.  Clearly the club will not be stealing a manager away from the Premier League or the Bundesliga, but the new skipper needs to show the club are moving forward, not sideways (Lennon), or backwards (Butcher).

I hear David Moyes is available…

…Owen Coyle?

…Stevie Nicol?


One comment on “Ross County F.C.: So What Now?

  1. F Ross
    August 30, 2014

    If the reason that Derek and George were sacked was because they were warned against another slow start to the season, then surely McGregor must take some of the responsibility, because they are hampered by one of the smallest, if not the smallest budgets in the league and having to rebuild most of the squad each season.
    I understand why RCFC operate under a small budget, they have been in trouble before and they don’t want to end up like Rangers or Hearts, but I’m not sure there is any other director of coaching/manager combo that can work and be as successful with the restricted budget RCFC work under.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    P.S. I don’t mean to sound harsh on McGregor, what he and the club have done over the last 5 or years is one the most remarkable achievements in modern sport.

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