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Coming Attractions

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Every once in a while I find myself with more that I’d like to write about than I have time to write and this is one of those times.  This time it’s even worse, though, as I’m pretty much short on any time to write.  So, with that said, here’s what I’m going to attempt to get to in the next week or so, plus whatever pops up in the meantime…

  • A longish and somewhat objective on Landon Donovan’s retirement announcement.
  • A MASSIVE “shoe porn” post, so big that it might have to be broken up into multiple installments.
  • Reaction to the New England Revolution’s new player, if there really is one, which I kind of doubt even though the team teased it via Twitter.
  • Reaction to wherever Jermaine Jones ends up.  New England say they are interested.  Again, I kind of doubt that.
  • A look at the current state of Scotland’s “Old Firm,” assuming I can type with one hand while holding my nose with the other.
  • The possible (not “probable”) return of Prime Minister’s Question Time.
  • Another “Off Topic with WeeFuse” post.

So, you know, stay tuned and what not.


One comment on “Coming Attractions

  1. Sculptor?!?
    August 9, 2014

    *chants* shoe porn! shoe porn!

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