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This Just In: Ross County F.C. Not So Good @ Twitter

Caught red-handed by @rcfcnews

Caught red-handed by @rcfcnews

See, here’s the thing:  Even if you accidentally send out a tweet, and then delete it, somebody saw it and somebody saved it.  GUARANTEED.  And then what do you do?

In this case the club seemed to be fulfilling the wildest dreams of every County supporter by announcing that Slovakian international midfielder Filip Kiss would return to Dingwall for another year on-loan from Cardiff City.  Kiss scored 6 times in 17 matches for County last season and was, at worst, one of the club’s three best players.  More than that, he seems to have the ability to make those around him better with his play.  Now that the tweet was deleted…who knows?  Maybe it isn’t happening, maybe the ink isn’t dry on the contract yet and they were a little premature in the announcement, who knows?  What I do know, however, is that in tweeting this information expectations were raised:  top-six, flirting-with-Europe expectations.  Which is another way of saying that the club needs to get this done- OFFICIALLY- or there are going to be some ornery County supporters with pitchforks and torches milling about in the Global Energy Stadium car park in short order.

It is interesting to note, however, that the Ross County squad list currently have two vacant numbers in the midfield “range”, 10 and 23.  Don’t suppose those are being held for Kiss and Graham Carey, do you?

Now, on to happier news!

Uros Celcer looking good in dark blue.

Uros Celcer looking good in dark blue.

County have officially- OFFICIALLY- announced the signing of Slovenian left back Uros Celcer and French midfielder/defender (depends on which website you check) Rosario Latouchent.  Celcer should compete for a starting spot on the back line while it is generally believed that Latouchent- who only turned 18 in March- will be part of the development squad.

Speaking of ye olde development squad, they begin their new season today against Kilmarnock at Grant Street Park in Inverness.  This year’s side will be led by the newly appointed Drew Todd.

That’s all for now, fingers crossed for Filip Kiss!


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