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Sheesh! I go away for one day and the Rumor Mill explodes!

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Little did I know that while I was away in Boston watching Imelda May blow the roof off the Paradise Rock Club another explosion of a different kind was taking place in my football world!  It’s a shame about the damage, but don’t get me wrong, all of this is good news or, at least, potentially good new!

First, last year’s new guy, forward Yoann Arquin has his agent meeting with Ross County to see whether he might stay a bit longer than January.  Given that his impact last year seemed to grow as the season progressed and that all signed have pointed to that continuing during this summer’s pre-season, this is most welcome news!

Second, Dundee United F.C. have told former Ross County forward Michael Gardyne that he has “no future with the club.”  This is no shock given that he has played sparingly for them or been out on loan to Kilmarnock since joining his hometown club in 2012, but it is a shock given that I don’t think there is a single County supporter who doubts Gardyne’s ability to be a first team player in the Scottish Premiership.  County don’t necessarily need another forward (or attacking midfielder), but if he wanted to come back north it might be hard to say, “no” to him.

Finally, remember Graham Carey who, along with Melvin de Leeuw, was among the best players for County last year?  And remember how nobody was sure if he’d left the club?  And remember how we were all thinking how all that County need going into the 2014-2015 season was a left back and another midfielder like Graham Carey.  Would the actual Graham Carey fit that bill?  I think he probably would and not only his he back (assuming he did actually leave…) with the club, but he’s training with them in the Netherlands and is on the roster for the match with Jong FC Twente that kicks off in an hour or two.

Hey, none of these things might happen, or only some of them, or all of them.  But to find Arquin on a new longer term deal and Gardyne and Carey back with the club when the season kicks off against St. Johnstone on August 10?  Well, let’s just say that I for one will be adjusting my expectations for the season up, waaaay up.  Like top half after the split up.

Notice how I didn’t even mention the possibility of getting Paul Lawson back from Motherwell?


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