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A Bittersweet Day

Gila Mountains, AZ

Gila Mountains, AZ

Today is a day associated with three of the most important people in my life.

Today is the birthday of my best friend Dan (who took the picture above).  We’ve known each other since elementary school and been best friends since high school.  I’m next year will make it 30 years that I’ve had the same best friend and that seems like a pretty cool thing to me.  I couldn’t possibly sum up the thirty years of our friendship, but suffice it to say that we’ve had some adventures and, oh dear, do we have some stories.  I’d love to share some of them with you, but I’m not allowed to.  Happy Birthday, Dr. McGenius!


Today is also my father’s birthday and there’s not really much I can say about that.  It may sound like I’m damning him with faint praise, but he was the single-most decent human being I’ve ever met.  He was honest to a fault, aware of his shortcomings, humble about his gifts, wise, hysterically funny, protective and supportive of his family, and possessed of a depth of unconditional love that still amazes me.  The tattoo above is the “signature” that closed a letter he wrote me that literally saved my life.  He was- and is- everything to me.

Naval Ratings Badge, Radioman 1st Class, circa 1945.

Naval Ratings Badge, Radioman 1st Class, circa 1945.

Finally, today is the anniversary of my grandfather’s death.  My grandfather was a poster boy for the Greatest Generation.  I will never come close to filling my life with as much “life” as he did in his 77 years.  He escaped grinding poverty in rural Arkansas, he worked in the CCC, he served in two theaters in WWII, he went to college on the G.I. bill while working 2-3 jobs and raising a young family, he had a successful career for a very prestigious company, and in retirement he traveled to the one continent he’d missed during the war (South America) and doted on his five grandchildren.  They just don’t make people like my “Poppy” anymore.

I’m going to wipe away the tears and get on with my day…be well.


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