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Odds & Ends: Weekend Away Edition


  • So, with a chance to save some face Brazil continued to, well, quit.  There’s more at work here than just Neymar being hurt and Thiago Silva being suspended for the semi-final and fixing it is probably going to require the breaking down and building back up of the Brazilian national team program.  The last three World Cups have seen the Seleção drop down from “likely winners” to “not quite good enough” and that’s just not enough for this storied nation’s football team.  The question is, can they turn the ship around in time for 2018?
  • Ross County F.C. kicked off their 2014-2015 preseason schedule with an away match at Highland League side Wick Academy F.C., County lost 2-1 (one of Wick’s goals was a soft PK), but that’s of little consequence.  What was of more import was that the entire County back line was made up of trialists, one of which was apparently the Dutchman Jordi Balk mentioned here a few days ago.  Again, not too troubled about the loss, but at the same time it would be nice to get the roster settled, get the players bedded in, and get a few wins on the trot before things kick off for real on August 9.
  • Ross County side note:  the club combined its home and away kits today for a red/blue/red combo.  I’m not sure why this was necessary as Wick Academy wear black and white striped tops with black shorts and socks and either County’s home or away kit should have presented enough of a contrast.
  • The New England Revolution’s four game losing streak turned into five on Saturday as the Revs gave up a third minute goal to Chicago’s Quincy Amerikwa and then spent the next 87+ minutes doing the footballing equivalent of shooting blanks.  This culminated in an 86th minute penalty that Chris Tierney hit about as well as one can only to have the spider-like arms of Sean Johnson bat it off the post and back into his own hands.  As we reached the halfway point of the season the once white-hot Revolution now seem to be reverting to the thoroughly mediocre form that has characterized them over the past few seasons.

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