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WeeFuse Is Out Of The Office



Hello Folks,

There’s a chance I may have time to post something this evening, but if not you won’t hear from me again until Wednesday night.  I’m off to Maine to help my family do some work on the cabin we’ve had on Moosehead Lake since the 1950s.  We’ll be doing a lot of routine maintenance, but the big project will be to clear a large area behind the camp where people much more skilled than us will then pour a foundation and “knee wall” upon which they will then place the building.  Yup, they’ll jack the whole thing up and slide it back about 30′!  This is necessary for two reasons.  First, over the last 60 odd years the shoreline has crept closer and closer to the building (this picture was taken from a canoe) and second, the soil under the building is mostly clay and that means that every year the posts upon which the building rests have to b jacked-up or lowered to keep things level- a time-consuming and dirty job nobody really wants to do.  Anyway, there’s been some talk of having a single electric line brought in, but I’m not sure that’s happening this year.  At present the camp has running cold water, an indoor half-bath, and propane lights and appliances.  There’s also an outhouse out back if you are so inclined.  Oh, dear.  It just dawned on me that if we’re moving the camp back we’re going to have to move the outhouse…

Anyway, what this means is that I’m going to miss the World Cup Final- it takes six hours and I’m not leaving until noon on Sunday- and probably won’t know the outcome until I get home, I’ll be without cell coverage and electricity for the duration of my time away.  So, you’ll all have to live in suspense as to the winner of the World Cup Bracket Challenge until I’m able to get home and run the numbers.  It also means that if Ross County finally sign some players in the wake of this weekend’s preseason match against Wick Academy you’re not going to hear about that until mid-week either.  In the meantime lets hope the Revs get back on track with a win tonight against the Chicago Fire and that it doesn’t rain the entire time I’m in Maine- as is the current forecast.



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